Access: The library has an impressive collection and the Reading Room being spacious it has room enough to accommodate a sizeable number of readers. Though the open access method is not fully adopted here, the library is partially open to students, who have the opportunity to survey the shelves for the books they are in search of. Hence for the present partially open access facilities are available for the students.

Reading & Lending Facilities : The Reading Room of the library is easily accessible to the students. The working hours of the library being stretched beyond the regular college hours, both teachers and students have equal scope to avail of the facilities available which include reading, surfing the internet for study and research work, borrowing books and journals and so forth. Lending facilities are extended to teachers and students alike though in case of students such facilities are currently limited only to text books. Reference materials are utilised for reading purposes.

There is a mezzanine floor of the Reading Room which hosts books and journals which can be reckoned heritage property and thus are preserved as materials of historical interest. The same floor has the teachers’ enclosure with internet facilities for the teachers to pursue academic and research-oriented activities. Complete with fire-fighting devices, the mezzanine chamber serves a complementary function to the Reading Room.

Automation: The library is using the software SOUL 2.0 college version for current use. The readers are provided OPAC and Web OPAC facilities, Bar-coding contrivances are at work and the library has a newly constructed institutional repository to preserve academic works of the faculty. The library is not yet automated fully, but plans are afoot to run a fully automated system.

Internet and Networking :The library has a number of computers at the disposal of the users, complete with LAN and internet facilities. Work is on to expand the range of such facilities in the coming months.