Rules & Regulations: Our Library welcomes those who wish to use it. All categories of students are entitled to borrow books from the library. All members should exercise self-discipline, respect and consideration for others when using the library.

The Library card is non-transferable; Members are requested to show their cards at the request of the library staff.

Membership: The membership of the library is open to all teachers, students, research scholars, and non-teaching staff. Ex-staff and ex-students are eligible to use the Reading Room only.

Security Deposit: Members of certain categories may be required to pay a refundable security deposit (Rs. 100) in order to avail borrowing facilities. Receipts and library cards must be produced at the time of withdrawing the deposit.

Borrowing Privilege of the member: All categories of members are entitled to borrow books from the library. After the membership, library cards are issued to the users of the library.

Loss and Damage of library materials: A member who loses a library card shall make a written application to the librarian. A duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- for each duplicate card.

A borrower is allowed to replace the books lost/ damaged. All books replaced in this manner must be of the latest edition.

Book Loan Period:  

User Category

Number of Books

Number of Days









Full Time



Part Time/Guest



Other Staff




Working Hours: Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 9pm, Saturday 3.30pm to 7pm, and Sunday Closed

Overdue Charges: Rs. 1 for per book per day will be charged, if book is not returned after the due date