About the Library:

The college library is a sprawling space with reading and lending arrangements. In addition to the central hall, which is the chief repository of books, prescribed in the curriculum or otherwise, the library has a mezzanine floor that accommodates a large number of journals and heritage books. The library has currently undergone a revamping process and is still undergoing a lot of modifications for a further facelift.

Our Library supports teaching and learning to the College students, faculty and the staff. We provide resources, facilities and the services to enrich our users becoming more informed

Objective: the objectives of the City College of Commerce & Business Administration Library are:

  • To act as the knowledge resource centre of the institution.
  • To provide current library materials and services that support the academic curriculum of the students.
  • To help the faculties in promoting academic, professional and research related activities with the college.

Mission: The mission of the Library is to maintain all resources, to facilitate access to those collections and to provide necessary services to meet the academic, professional and personal information needs of the students, faculty and other employees of the college.

Technical part: The library uses Dewey Decimal Classification for classification and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR) for cataloguing purposes. All library resources are properly managed for use.